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       The concept of the ‘Graduate Excellence Examinations’ (GEE) has evolved from the excellent performance of the ‘Maharashtra Talent Search Examination’ (MTS) project, which has been conducted successfully by the, ‘Centre for Talent Search & Excellence’ (CTSE) of the M. E. Society, Pune, for the last twenty years.

       The CTSE was established in 1985 on the campus of the Wadia college, with the objective of inculcating a competitive spirit amongst the students. Since then, the MTS project is conducted, with the objective of unearthing and identifying hidden talent in the rural and urban students in the schools of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa and Gujarat by conducting written examinations and interviews for students of class VIII, IX and X. Over the past 20 years, CTSE has achived notable proficiency in conducting competitive examinations, preparing students, training teachers and obtaining excellent results. This has indeed helped the school students to develop confidence in their abilities. Every year, the successful students are awarded scholarships and their potential is not only duly recognized but is also suitably channelised and encouraged. As a result, the students from Maharashtra have gained a healthy lead in the results of the National Talent Search Examination (NTS) by a very large margin, amongst all the other participating states for the last many years.

       The MTS project has became immensely popular among the students and teachers of the participating schools and is the largest project in India

       The CTSE realized that college students too, need to prepare for a vastly competitive world, where knowledge and confidence both are essential. Having a creditable track record with school students, CTSE, therefore, decided to offer a similar project opportunity for students pursuing higher education and studying for a graduate degree. For gaining employment or admission to higher education, graduates need to face many competitive examinations, such as the UPSC, MPSC, CAT, CET, CDS, SSB and GRE at the state, national and international level. To succeed in these examinations, a student has to have a high level of competence, ability and confidence, which can be developed with focused preparation, training and practice, right from the first year of their undergraduate studies.

       Thus, the CTSE, under its newly designed project of GEE, intends to prepares college students to face these competitive examinations, in a systematic manner, with the help of an experienced team of teachers having the necessary expertise in the relevant subjects included in the curriculum. As majority of students aim at either administration or management streams, CTSE has decided to offer two separate papers  for S.Y. and T.Y. GEE.. However, F.Y. GEE will have  common question paper

1) GEE for Administrative services  and             

2) GEE for Management services.

F.Y. GEE will have a common question paper while Papers for S.Y. and T.Y. GEE will be separate for both the streams.

It is our earnest hope and endeavour that through GEE, we will be able to provide college students, with an opportunity to supplement their own efforts, to achieve success in the careers of their own choice.

Our ultimate aim is to create ‘excellent graduates’ for the country! These students should not only be successful in the competitive examinations, but should also be equipped to face the challenges of the future, with fortitude and courage, leading to excellence. The country must be proud of their success, as reflected in their high level of achievements, in the diverse fields available to them, at national and international levels. 

The GEE is an initiative of the ‘CTSE’, aiming to prepare undergraduate students for competitive examinations, on graduating in any discipline. The emphasis will be on written examinations, group discussions and personal interviews, with adequate coverage for English, Mathematics and General Studies. The weightage for objective and descriptive components, as well as, for mathematics and General studies will be different in the written papers, for  administrative and management streams.


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